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A classroom environment may not be the right fit for every child.

Early Head Start

Home-Based Program

The Early Head Start Home-Based program is a weekly 90-minute home visitation program serving pregnant women and children up to 3 in the San Joaquin County. The comprehensive services integrate the main components of Head Start including Family Services, Health, and Education in the home setting. During each home visit- the Home-Based Teacher works collaboratively as partners with families to develop and sustain a plan to help children achieve educational goals. They will establish and check-in on family goals and assist in monitoring children’s health services. In addition, the Home-Based Teacher works with an on-site Licensed Vocational Nurse and community partners providing referrals as needed to meet each family’s specific need. The program strives to promote parental involvement with weekly open discussions on child development, ways to enhance everyday routines highlighting how children are always learning, and support parents as they implement activities with their children.

Parent Testimonial

  • My name is Claudia and I am very thankful to be a part of the home base program. This program has been a blessing to me and my family for many reasons. The thing that I enjoy the most is that my teacher brings me supplies, and I am able to engage with my son, and help him in his learning development by creating activities with him.

    The program has also helped my family so much. Last year we didn’t have the funds to buy any Christmas presents for our children due to health issues and not enough work.  My teacher nominated me for adopt a family, and all of my kids received Christmas presents. I will never forget the smile on their faces when they opened their gifts.  I just want to say thank you to everyone that makes this program possible. You are making a difference 


Early Head Start Home-Based Program services

Parents as Teachers! 

The Parents as Teachers curriculum emphasizes the importance of parental involvement as you prepare your young child for school. Through the use of household/inexpensive items and materials; learning experiences can be found in your family’s everyday routine! Your Home-Based Teacher will work on a plan that best suits your family’s lifestyle in the home giving you the opportunity to promote positive learning experiences and methods to further extend learning through play!