Covid Information

COVID mitigation measures that are being implemented at our school sites and in the classroom for the health & safety of our students & families.

In addition to enhancing cleaning, sanitation, & disinfecting protocols in our classrooms and facilities to help reduce the spread of COVID-19, here are some other ways we are combating the spread of the virus: 

  • Teaching staff are required to wear cloth face coverings.   
  • CAPC provides each preschool child with two face coverings which will be kept at school and washed by teaching staff. 
  • Drop off and pick up of child:  At this time parents will not enter classrooms.  Only one parent/guardian to pick up/drop off at classroom’s designated spot.  Masks must be worn and markers will be placed to maintain 6 ft. physical distancing. 
  • Daily health checks will include temperature check and symptom screening questions at arrival.   
  • The layout of the classroom has been modified by moving furniture around to create more space.  Limits will be placed on the number of children that can play in each interest area.  
  • Masking tape markers will define space on tables and floors to promote physical distancing amongst children. 
  • Soft toys and hard to clean materials have been temporarily removed. 
  • Children will have individual kits consisting of frequently used learning materials (crayons, pencil, scissors, etc…) 
  • Meals are served by the teaching staff.  Some school sites staggered meal time schedule to allow for distancing between children at tables.